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June 25, 2009


Danny Mize

Your article is so true and spoke to me personally.
I myself am going through the valley. It is and has been very difficult. But as I question the reason...I look back upon my life and I can honestly say. That the difficult choices, decisions and roads that I have taken God has always...always worked it out for my good and His Glory. I sometimes, well often cannot see the good at the time and this becomes a point of crises in my life. It makes me face my belief and say am I all talk or will I take my belief in Gods Word and put it into action...I like most would love to be able to see the future how things will turn out..like the exact day our trouble will cease, or the circumstance will be resolved...but if we knew such things what would be the point of Faith....These are the times when we put into action what we claim...What we say+What we do=True belief....I strive not to get quickly out of my situation or trouble but I long to have the peace in the midst of the storm. Knowing my efforts are futile, I place the circumstance in Gods hand and pray for the strength to hang on until the time He chooses to remove such from my life. I know the hardships are for refining me, molding me to become more like Him. In thinking along these lines I sit in awe of what an awesome Saviour we have.....As Paul stated...Not me, but God within me...
Friends in Christ,


I love how you put your situation, and how you're handling it. I am myself having to trust the Lord at the moment, although I must confess my situation did not have the element of immediacy that your blog implies. That, and the Lord is already answering my prayers. Amazing what trust in Him can do for one's stress levels. God Bless.

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