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May 15, 2009


Danny Mize

I find it interesting the fact that because of your honesty you are thought of as a radical. As a Christian my instruction book is the Bible. We certainly see the open and honesty of the writers whom God used in writing His Words. Within the writing we see the shortcomings, successes, and failures in the life of those who are called and try to serve our Lord. What I glean from these writings is the pure raw honesty with which these people wrote. Not just the things that made them look like a modern hero but the painful failings they all had within their walk to serve God. It is within us to always show how great we are or at least that's what we think of ourselves. But the simple fact is we are totally helpless. Our strength is derived from who is within us, which is or should be Christ. So I appreciate the openness and honesty with which you present in your own life. The truth of the matter is we no matter who we are, we face those secret demons with which we think only we know and can keep secret. But the fact is we are fooled by our desire to keep those things locked away so as to think no one knows or can see. When in reality God sees all. I believe you are in keeping with the very rule of scripture by being open and honest in the hopes of helping those of us facing our own private sins. Therefor in keeping with scripture by Fearing God and not Man. By this you are in keeping with the very men who wrote scripture open and honest because it's not about us it is about our God.
Keep up the Good work.

Friends in Christ,

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